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Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris – 2021

exhibition view photo Rebecca Fanuele

Sauria, 2021, 150 x 190 cm, oil on canvas, photo Rebecca Fanuele, Collection Frac Auvergne

exhibition view photo Rebecca Fanuele

Big Body, 2020, 190 x 150 cm, oil on canvas, photo Rebecca Fanuele

exhibition view photo Rebecca Fanuele

Capriné 2, 2021, 120 x 90 cm, oil on canvas, photo Rebecca Fanuele

Ursidé, 2021, 24 x 19 cm, oil on canvas

Les Ateliers Vortex, Dijon – 2020

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Body, 22 x 16 cm, oil on canvas

Sleeping, 2020, 160 x 220 cm, oil on canvas, photo Rebecca Fanuele

Sans-titre, 17 x 36 x 26 cm, plaster, ink, polyethilene foam


White Spirit
Memento, Auch – 2020

View of the exhibition, Communautés, 180x300cm, 2020, oil on canvas, (Saniza Othman and Michael Yong-Haron Collection) photo Benjamin Roudet

View of the exhibition, At the Window, 60x50cm, 2020, oil on canvas, photo Benjamin Roude

Who Wants to Look at Somebody’s Face
Pi Artworks, London – 2018

Exhibition view, 2018, photo Tim Brodwitch

Exhibition view, 2018, photo Tim Brodwitch

A New Mythology (homage to Barbara Hepworth), 190x150cm, oil on canvas, (c)Rebecca Fanuele


Early Stooping Night (homage to Emily Dickinson)33x24cm, oil on canvas, (c)Tim Brodwitch

Souvenirs de Téthys
Chapelle Jeanne d’Arc, Thouars – 2018

Souvenirs de Téthys, 280x500x900cm ©Jean-Nicolas Lechat

Souvenirs de Téthys, 280x500x900cm ©Jean-Nicolas Lechat

Points, 2018, 120x90cm, oil on canvas ©Rebecca Fanuele

Red heart, 2018, 220x160cm, oil on canvas ©Rebecca Fanuele

Souvenirs de Téthys, 2018, video HD 12mn

Anatolian studies-Embac
Châteauroux – 2017

maude-maris-anatolian studies-©-isabelle-giovacchini

La Traversée, 200x600cm, 4 posters © Isabelle Giovacchini

maude-maris-pardalis-220x160cm-huile sur toile-les souffleurs-206x40x116cm-plâtre-papier-encre©-isabelle-giovacchini

Pardalis, 220x160cm / Les Souffleurs, 206x40x116cm © Isabelle Giovacchini

maude-maris-parèdre-220x160cm-huile-sur-toile-les veilleurs-résine-système-électrique-bastet-30x20cm- huile-sur-toile©-isabelle-giovacchini

Parèdre, 220x160cm / Les Veilleurs / Bastet, 30x20cm © Isabelle Giovacchini

Votive-Vog-Saint-Ange residency
Grenoble – 2016


Sceptres, 45x9cm / Solar, 190x130cm, Monologue, 120x90cm ©Aurélien Mole


Voltes, 190x260cm, oil on canvas©Aurélien Mole


Novice, 30x20cm, Drapery, 56x25x15cm, Attique, 190x130cm©Aurélien Mole

Galerie Isabelle Gounod – 2015


Jerry, 130x190cm, oil on canvas ©Nicolas Brasseur

rudiments-vestales2 photo Rebecca Fanuele

Rudiments, 160x130cm / Vestales, 250x150cm, oil on canvas ©Rebecca Fanuele

photo Rebecca Fanuele

Tactique, 90x70cm / Roma, 160x130cm, oil on canvas ©Rebecca Fanuele

Table des matières
Galerie Duchamp – Yvetot – 2013


2 objects 1 fossile garnet background, 2 objects 3 fossiles white background, 22x16cm, oil on canvas

le domaine michael-quemener

The domain, 130x195cm, oil on canvas©Michael Quemener

Photo Nicolas Pfeiffer

Exhibition view ©Nicolas Pfeiffer

Photo Nicolas Pfeiffer

Exhibition view ©Nicolas Pfeiffer

Rêver d’abîme, élever le doute
Artothèque de Caen – 2012

Copyright Christophe Bouder

L’arrache-coeur, extruded polystyrene, 250x520x300cm ©Christophe Bouder

Copyright Christophe Bouder

À tous vents, 200x200x250cm, wood and painting ©Christophe Bouder

Copyright Christophe Bouder

Piscines / Rondeurs, 185x250cm, oil on canvas ©Christophe Bouder

Ruines - 1024x748

Ruins, 185x250cm, oil on canvas, FRAC Auvergne collection ©Christophe Bouder

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